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Welcome to our website
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I deem it a singular honour and a precious privilage to come to this broadcast with a great pleasure to welcome all of you, as chairman of Mamoun Elberier Group of Companies.

I am highly happy for your visit to our website, asking our almighty god to bless you all where- ever you embark.

The Sudan as you all well know is the largest country in African, with an area of just under a million square miles. The Sudan is taking now a days a higher economical place among the other countries and exercising a good role to pave the infrastructure of its vaster field of its land. inspite of the fact that our government could maintain peace all over it and so it’s economic re-view is rapidly flourishing obviously that industrially is growing up with steady jump. Mamoun Elberier Group of Companies are doing the utmost best in this field and eventually is becoming the industrial back-bone, as could establish so many groups of companies in the various fields of industry. Its factories produce detergents of varieties, such as tahnia, plastic ware, tomato sauce and juice powder etc.

Mamoun Elberier Group of Companies establishing before more than half a century and did the maximum best to qualify all the staff by giving training and courses to raise their standards to the up to date technologies and called the outlandish well experienced Sudanese intellectuals, who gained a lot of knowledge in all fields of economics, also appointed well qualified foreigners to drive its work.

At last I can assure that we are always in quest of improving the industrial and agricultural work and trying to satisfy the needs of our customers within the higher qualities, which we do wish to get up to the higher industrial standards, taking into consideration the reasonable prices and to serve our Sudanese society.

Saud Mamoun Elberier

Chairman Mamoun Elberier Group of Companies

Mamoun Elberier Group